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Monday, November 10, 2008

Where Do You Live?

There comes a time in the lives of every Yukoner, NWT'er, and Nunavummiut when it is required that we tell someone from the south where we live. This usually happens when purchasing something on the phone, booking travel, or when travelling down south. If you're lucky, the person asking you the question knows where you're talking about. What happens when you're not so lucky is a whole other story.

I have been asked by a person in Vancouver if Baffin Island is "the campground near here." I've had my Nunavut driver's license mistaken for a Yukon license even after being closely studied by an LCBO employee.

Another common occurrence is receiving mail with the most botched up spellings of Iqaluit, Nunavut, and my postal code (X0A 0H0). When spelling my address several times, it's pretty much a guarantee that the parcel that comes will have mistakes in it. The address that Urban Outfitters has on file for me is so wrong but somehow the packages always make it.

Another popular one is when ordering something down south, the staff rep asks for a "physical address." Many of us don't have mail service to our house, we only have P.O. Boxes. It's this way in all of Nunavut and I'm guessing most of NWT and possibly Yukon. The northerner will say either, "I don't have one," or "I have one but it's no use to you. Your package is going to the post office anyway, my friend." The rep will then try to argue this. "You HAVE to have a physical address! How does [UPS, pizza, etc] get to your door?" or "No, it's not going to the post office. It comes directly to your house." Oh I beg to differ!

So on that note, I beg of you, fellow northerners, what are some stupid questions or responses you've gotten related to where you live?

There is a discussion about this right now on Kara's blog but feel free to share your answers here!

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