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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, tomorrow is the day!

I probably won't be blogging, but that's usually the case even when I'm not on vacation (eek). Be checking my Flickr though, as I will be abusing my free Internet privileges everywhere I go. Flickr leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to uploading files up here, I don't know why (other than the crappy Internet). Facebook works much better so I haven't uploaded anything onto Flickr since I lived in Rankin Inlet.

Anyway, this is just a short note to say so long, suckers!

Here are a few photos to keep you from going into withdrawals. I got my new camera and I love it! There is such a difference between 6 and 8 megapixels. I can't believe I ever owned such an antique, haha.

Me and my new-used SUV. I just got it the other day and I am very proud of it! It's my first car (as I've mentioned) and I'm happy to accomplish this in Iqaluit.

This is a really nice photo I took, if I do say so myself. I linked to the Flickr page so you can view it in its larger format. It's spectacular! I'm happy with how it turned out.

In Apex, looking back toward Iqaluit. I'm surprised I didn't fall in the water and lose my new camera, knowing me!

In Apex, looking south. Or some other direction, who knows. Not me.

So long, folks! See you on the south side!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Much excitement in Jaimeland.

#1. I have booked my vacation. I ended up kinda sorta leaving it until the last minute. I depart in less than 3 weeks! This is a trip of a lifetime, let me tell you. It took me a very long time to decide where to go and what to do, but I am extremely confident in the choice I made. This is a rough agenda of my trip:
August 29: Leave Iqaluit and fly to Edmonton. I won't spend much time in Edmonton but I wanted to be able to say I've been to Alberta (I've never been).
August 30: Hop on the train bright and early and take it all the way to Kamloops. I can only imagine how many pictures I'm going to take out the window. If you've ever been on the train on this stretch, feel free to tell me how it is. Sugarcoat anything negative, please. :)
August 31: Get picked up and driven to Echo Valley Ranch & Spa in Jesmond, BC.
August 31-September 7: Indulge in horseback riding, hiking, spa treatments, swimming, mountain biking, etc etc etc. So excited.
September 7: (Hopefully) be flown to Vancouver in the ranch owner's private plane.
September 7-11: Wander around the streets of Vancouver. I'm leaving this chunk unplanned. I'm going to get some seedy hotel downtown and just go where the mood takes me. My only plan is getting a tattoo.
September 11-18ish: Fly to Toronto and hang out with friends and family I haven't seen since May 2007 (which is my fault, I'm still apologizing for it, haha).
September 18ish-September 28: Hang out in my hometown (Sarnia, ON).
September 29: Fly back to Iqaluit.

I've never really gone anywhere by myself before so I am extremely excited. I anticipate this to be amazing. It's been great to just book whatever I want.

Of course, my camera decided to break last weekend while I was at Sylvia Grinnell park with some friends. I only bought it in March but I knew it was a crappy camera. I'm not going to have it repaired. In fact, I've already ordered a new camera. It's brown. I like brown. I am a little bit stupid because I bought my last camera because it was green, and it turned out to be a POS. But I know someone who has this camera and loves it, so I trust that it was a good choice.

Anyhoo. The other exciting thing in my life is that I am getting my Suzuki XL-7 on August 25 (4 days before I leave). This week will be spent getting everything in line for that. I've never owned my own vehicle so it's another first for me.

Well, I'll shut up now and post some photos I've taken lately.

There was a beautiful sunset a few weeks ago and it made everything rosy-coloured.

The same night.

Colourful houses.

My friend in Sylvia Grinnell Park.

Little waterfall in Sylvia Grinnell Park.

I meant to add that on August 1st, I celebrated being in Nunavut for 2 years! I know we all say it and it sounds a bit tired after hearing it and saying it so many times, but I really cannot believe it's already been 2 whole years. These past 2 years have been non-stop for me. They've been the best and worst 2 years of my life and I would never replace them. I've grown up a lot since leaving Ontario, I can't imagine what my life would be like if I was still there. It's amazing to me how my life is turning out, and I'm only 22. I owe all of that to Nunavut. I never expected in a million years that when Jeff suggested moving to Nunavut back in April or May 2006, that it would turn out the way it has. I thought we'd do a few years there, then move south and buy a house or something. I did not expect everything in between, and that I would eventually move to Iqaluit by myself. Everyday my own life blows my mind and it has for the last 2 years. Sometimes I just stop and look outside and wonder how on earth I got here.

Thanks, Nunavut, for 2 mind-blowing years. There shall be many more to come!

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