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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Procrastination Station (About Vacation)

I thought while I sit here and procrastinate doing productive things like working, eating (has it really been 36 hours since I last ate? oops), and cleaning, I figured I'd write an entry to tide you over for the next while.

In 9 short days, I depart on a fun-filled, busy vacation. Last summer when I went to Alberta, I posted a "pretend scrapbook of future memories." Here's what's in store in the upcoming month:

A dream come true. Amazingly, this vacation is going to be so good, this isn't even going to be the best part.

Very excited about this. Growing up so close, it's kinda lame I've never been.

I'll be celebrating 2 birthdays during May, one of which being my 24th. No, I am not turning 28, contrary to popular belief (what's up with people always thinking I'm 27?). Funny story actually, last year nobody had any idea how old I turned, not even my own mother. I got every age between 22 and 27 at least once. ATTENTION WORLD: I AM TURNING 24 THIS YEAR.

Replace the words "Jungle Jim's" with Frankenmuth. Also pumped about this, should be fun. This is going to be a big day, I'll be meeting a lot of important people.

SO VERY EXCITED about this part. I can't even believe all of this isn't the best part yet.

I can't seem to escape this place when I go on holidays. Why must everybody I know live here? That's okay, I actually don't mind it so much anymore.

This is probably the 3rd best part about my upcoming holidays. I'm going to be spending a lot of time here, which I am thrilled about. 10 points* to anyone who knows where this is! *Points not redeemable anywhere on planet Earth.

2nd best part of holidays (the gentleman in the green, NOT the cold weather).

So what's the #1 part of my holidays? I'm not giving it up that easily! You'll have to wait and find out.

P.S. Some of you may know (or think you know- Kara, I'm looking at you, haha!!) what my next post is going to be about so please don't give it up. I'm trying to create some momentum here, eh?


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cardiac Arrest, Northern Prices Style

Please swallow all foods and take a deep breath before casting your eyes on the photo below.

Clyde River, Nunavut. 12 cans of Coke. And no, there is nothing special about this case of pop. It's just a regular case of Coca Cola. For $60.

I used to think $21 for 12 cans in Rankin Inlet was expensive. I'll never say that again.

Photo credit goes to a brave coworker of mine.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Vehicle Lessons, Dog Sledding, & Long Overdue Price Photos

Well folks, last week was that time of year again. Yes that's right. A new chapter in the book of Vehicle Lessons Learned was added. After a particularly windy day, I was driving around Iqaluit's "New Plateau" area. I rounded a curve and boom. Stuck. Foot to gas pedal, no movement. My first thought was, "This can't be happening. This isn't real." I thought if I gave reality a few seconds to set in, I'd push the gas pedal again and we'd be on our way. No such luck. Attempts to dig or push the Suzuki out of bumper-high snow rendered useless. Yes, I was genuinely stuck. After a few phone calls placed to Wynberg's after-hours towing line and $200 later, the XL-7 was back on the mean streets of Iqaluit. I am never driving up to New Plateau area again...unless I have to.

The most embarrassing part of the ordeal was that I wasn't just on any drive, I was giving a "tour" of sorts to a visitor. I felt like a northern poser who had just been outed as a newbie southerner. A little bit of my dignity was left in that ditch, haha.

On Monday of my visitor's stay, we went dog sledding. I had never been and wasn't sure what to expect. The dogs weren't behaving too well unfortunately and so we had to stop often so the guide could motivate the dogs to run. I also learned that every single piece of outwear I own isn't good enough when all you're doing is sitting or standing. My fingers went numb in sealskin mittens and my toes were freezing in my -70C rated boots. Still, it was enjoyable.

Now for some photos. I've included some photos of grocery prices as it's been way too long since I've done that.

Walking to the dogs.

Me checking out the doggies.

The view while sitting.

Don't be fooled by the gear...I'm freezing under there.

The view while standing.

The dogs take a break while the humans eat some snacks and warm up.

Click the photo for a link to a larger size.

These photos are making me hungry.

I want chicken, I want liver, Meow Mix Meow Mix....holy freaking cow.

Money-saving tip: don't bring your pet to Nunavut.

More good advice: don't get addicted to energy drinks. That IS a 12-pack, folks.

Also, avoid making babies in the north if possible. Or let your baby roam free outside.

Probably the most ridiculous mark-up of them all.

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