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Saturday, September 06, 2008

One Week In

Just a note from me to say vacation is going absolutely splendidly!

My flights to Ottawa and then Edmonton were uneventful. Well, except that this guy who I'm pretty sure had been on the flight from Iqaluit FREAKED out at an Air Canada employee when I rightfully went ahead of his bags at the baggage drop off part. He was using the electronic check-in and trying to block the baggage drop off line with his bags. I noted he was not actually in line and had been trying to figure out that e-check-in for quite some time, so I moved ahead of him. You would have thought I just shot his first born son or something. I stood facing the front of the line, clearly ignoring his infant-like temper tantrum. The Air Canada employee unfortunate enough to be told off about it dared this guy to lodge a complaint online, where it would be laughed at. I thought that was great. Stupidly enough, when it was finally my (his?) turn to check my baggage, two wickets were open and both of us went at the same time. All that and it never even mattered that some girl with one piece of baggage so viciously butted in front of him.

In Edmonton, the only way for me to get from the hotel (by the airport) to the train station was by taxi. If you know Edmonton at all, you're probably cringing in sympathy for me. I was happy to see the train station when we finally got there, but not so happy to dish out $70. I guess as far as long cab rides go, $70 is on the minor side of things. Still, that's $70 I didn't want to part with.

The ride was spectacular! I posted some photos on my Flickr which I am too lazy to post here.

When I arrived an hour late into Kamloops (around midnight), I was scared to see the taxis page was ripped out of the phone book's yellow pages. Luckily I was able to locate another one. But for a few moments there after the train pulled out of the station, I thought, "I'm all alone on the other side of the country and I can't find a freakin' cab number!!" Because it was so dark, I did not get to appreciate the beauty of Kamloops until the next morning. Bright and early at 9am (I was so sleep-deprived from two nights of late arrivals), I put on some clothes and opened the curtain. I was greeted with the view of mountains. My mouth hung open and I thought, "I REALLY don't want to go home!"

So I'm at the ranch now and it is amazing. Everybody is very friendly, the food is exquisite, the weather is (mostly) lovely, and all I know is I'll be back! If you're ever looking for a guest ranch, this place comes very highly recommended from me. And would you believe it...I'm the only guest here right now. At the most, there has only been 7 guests (including me). It's been so nice. I get to do whatever I want without anyone bothering me.

As far as travelling solo, I am enjoying it more than I thought I would. It's not as boring or lonely as I hoped it wouldn't be. While it would be nice to have someone along with me, I don't miss the company at all. I sleep when I want, do whatever activities I want, and I can just truly relax.

If you're on my Facebook, you'll know that I spent a gruelling 7 hours in the spa on Wednesday. That was hard work, let me tell you. Having to lie there and be massaged for hours on end? Talk about a tough life. And what's up with facials? Is that supposed to be so torturous? Haha...I kid of course. That was a day verrrry well-spent.

Tomorrow is my last full day at the ranch, and then I head off to Vancouver on Sunday. Right now I'm not sure how I'll be getting to Vancouver. I'll get there somehow, I'm not too worried. Oh, I should mention for Martin that I did end up booking at the Sylvia Hotel. My mom also suggested it (she's been before, too) so I checked it out and it was perfect. I have a room for dirt cheap...$85/night. It's right downtown on the water, near Stanley Park. It may end up being the janitor's closet, but I don't care!

I'll post photos when I'm somewhere with a faster connection!