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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Due to the complete asshattery of one person, I am now moderating comments for our blog. You must be a registered user of Blogger and it must pass through me before it is posted.

Sorry, but being a judgmental asshole doesn't fly on this blog. Better luck insulting us next time! I know you live in Rankin, whoever you are. Look me in the face and repeat what you just wrote on our blog.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blah blah blah

I'm a terrible blogger, but I'm zen with it!

Summer, although not officially over, is definitely over in Rankin. It has snowed a few times and there is frost on the ground in the morning. I'm grumbling about the idea of having to pull the parka out of the closet again. I was really getting used to the idea of just wearing spring jackets.

We had an excellent summer, one that will surely be hard to top. Buying an ATV is definitely one of the better choices we've ever made.

I am considering the idea of going to Yellowknife for a few days in November. Jeff needs to go for work and I really want to see Yellowknife (and trees and Wal-Mart, heh). When we're finally done living in Nunavut, I would really like to buy a house in NWT or Yukon. I love the north, but I'd like to live where I can actually go for drives, have fast food, and go to movie theatres. That said, we're still relatively glad to be here. I'm not going to write about it here, but we've been going through a pretty awful experience which has caused us to seriously consider leaving, but we've decided to stay. Although it's been a generally unfair experience, we've learned lessons we probably wouldn't have otherwise learned.

Anyway. Other than that, not much else is new. I was off sick from work for 2 weeks due to some kind of strange skin condition. Between that and recent going ons, we haven't been out on the land lately. There are photos from the last time we took the ATV out on our Flickr (link on the right bar).

Be sure to check out A Journey Northwards. Jackie is moving to Rankin in a few weeks. We've been chatting on Facebook and I'm looking forward to meeting her. :)

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Google Meme

I was tagged for a meme for the first time, so here it is. Plug your first name and the following verbs (needs; is; likes; wants; gets; and says) into Google and copy the first (or best) five responses. I should point out that this meme is getting difficult because everybody and their mother is doing it, and the majority of my Google results are other Jaimes doing this meme. Jaimes are meme suckers.

Jaime needs...
...more work in the question/answer department.
...the swim of her life.
...some villains.

Jaime is...
...given two bionic legs, capable of propelling her at speeds exceeding 60 mph.
...offered a job as a ghostwriter for one of the ritziest and richest.
...a graduate of The University of Toronto.
...seen briefly in a commercial for Martini
...officially engaged.

Jaime likes... veg out.
...Halloween is so much better than Valentine's Day in so many ways.
...WVU Girls. pick up rocks and carry them around. bundle up in lots of clothes before it is even remotely cold out.

Jaime wants... lose her virginity.
...a balloon picture published by shabang11. on the action picture published by southfh.
...chocolate. be Miss Florida Teen U.S.A. so badly that she even dreams about it at night.

Jaime gets...
...Jaime gets up close to the swells in Beverly Hills. vote too, she's the girl next door, incredibly beautiful and wholesome.
...Ugly about Betty.
...Sent Home from Pussycat Dolls.
...glazed for the Emmys.

Jaime says...
...bye to baby weight.
..."donkey" in a Nova Scotia pub.
..."2 X 3 = 6" PAUSE Tape to validate the answers of your students.
...he finds the reading-skill programs particularly helpful for learning.
...he feels like we know enough about our missions and gameplay to do this now.

I'm tagging anyone who wants to do this meme.

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