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Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy New Year

Every time I don't write for awhile, I start to get a case of blogger guilt. I imagine my blog as a stage, my readers as the audience, and I'm up on stage with nothing to say.

Anyway, I'll try to piece something together.

2009 was a great year for me, though it had its ups and downs like every year since 2006. For a little while when things were tough, I must admit I cursed the north. However, I quickly pointed out to myself that the north is never the reason things are difficult; life happens no matter where you are. If you're not happy here it's so easy to blame Nunavut for it, but Nunavut is rarely the cause for difficulty. In my humble opinion, anyway.

Likely due to my age (young), and how much has happened since 2006 (a ton), I can say without a doubt that nothing is ever static up here for me. Friends leave, situations change, the north grows. In the industry I work in, I watch friends/coworkers leave throughout the year. This would really bother me if new people weren't also arriving throughout the year.

Overall, 2009 treated me well. I started a new job, finally moved into my own apartment, and I started to settle down here. I made new friends, lost 30lbs (yeehaw!!), took up curling, started working out regularly, went on 2 awesome vacations, and bought some nice things (like this 24" iMac).

In December I went down to Sarnia (my hometown) for Christmas. It was the first time I'd spent Christmas in Ontario since 2005 (pre-Nunavut). I had an amazing time and really enjoyed myself. My brother, his fiancée, my sister, and my best friend were in town and it was awesome to see them. My best friend moved away in 2003 or 2004 so that was really the last time she and I had hung out in Sarnia. My 17 days of holidays were VERY jam-packed. There were 2 nights where I didn't even get a chance to sleep. All in all, it was probably my favourite vacation I've ever been on. I decided early into it that I would start spending every Christmas with my family/friends. Life's too short to spend so much time away from the people who mean the most to you.

Anyhoo, 2010 promises to be a year like no other before it. I'll have a visitor in spring and late fall, I go on holidays in May, and my brother is getting married in November. As for my blog, it is going to be under yet another metamorphosis but we won't get into that just yet.

I'm sorry I don't have much to write about these days. February 1st marks my 3.5 years of being in Nunavut and so it is increasingly more difficult to imagine my life from a southern perspective. I am open to topic suggestions, though.

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